Share Your Daily Deal and Get it Free!: Tip-of-the-Day #305

Today I saw that Living Social was featuring a super deal for Lyft, a San Francisco-based ride share program commonly identified by a bright pink mustache on the front of the participating vehicles. For $5, I was able to buy a $20 credit. Great! Especially because I work downtown and always need rides - home at the end of a long day, to a nearby restaurant, happy hour across town, etc. I quickly bought the deal (only 1 per customer) and then shared the news with my colleagues at work and my friends on Facebook.

Within minutes, three of my friends had also purchased this great deal and that made my deal FREE. Yup. If three friends purchase a deal that you shared, you get the deal for free. Brilliant right? In this case it was a no brainer. Everyone wants free ride credits. Another no brainer is when Starbucks offers a $20 credit for just $5. Doh!

All you have to do to share the love is copy the personalized link that's provided to you once you purchase your deal and then send that link to your network. I wouldn't necessarily count on getting your deals free every time because not everyone is going to share your enthusiasm for mud baths in calistoga - but for the universally loved offerings, go for it!  

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