Generic vs Brand Name Prescriptions: Tip-of-the-Day #306

Most people think that generic prescriptions are going to cost less than named prescriptions. I know I've always assumed as much. Today I learned better! 

I called Walgreens to refill a prescription and the pharmacist asked me if I'd like the brand name instead of the generic because my insurance "likes" brand names better. Wait, what? She went on to tell me that my generic prescrip would run me $84 but the brand version was free. FREE! I couldn't believe it. I mentioned that when I picked this particular prescription up before I wasn't informed of this. She said that's because she happens to know better. Huh.

What this means for you: you may not get someone as informed at the pharmacy counter and it's up to you to ask! Who knew that different insurance companies have preferences for the drugs they cover? I didn't. Or, I just always thought that generic was better.

Given that you can be saving a considerable chunk of change, it's definitely worth asking.

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