Make Your Own Cards: Tip-of-the-Day #282

There's never a better time than the holidays to get in the swing of making your own cards. I've been making mine for years--why pay someone else for a picture of a cute cat under the mistletoe when you can snap that shot yourself? Sites like Snapfish and Shutterfly will develop prints of your favorite pic for .09 cents per print and volume delivers price breaks.

When a box of holiday cards can run up to $15 for a set of 10 and you have to buy five boxes, you're looking at $75 and you haven't even added postage to that equation.

Here's an idea: create a holiday postcard using your favorite photo and mount it on colorful construction paper! Or, upload your digital file to any site running the best promotional offer (Zazzle is great and always has some special running) and knock out your entire order for half the price of boxed card sets. Plus, postcard stamps are a fraction of the cost of a standard letter or holiday card.

Savings aside, it's so much nicer to receive a custom card in the mail. And, creativity counts! Last year I developed an interactive card with a survey tied to it on the backend. I incented participation with the promise of a sweepstakes. I loved watching friends and family weigh in on whether I'd been "naughty or nice."

Lastly, be sure to sign your cards! I can't tell you how many photo cards I get over the holidays without so much as a signature included. A personal note goes a long way. 

Happy holidays!

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