A New Way to Wash Your Duds: Tip-of-the-Day #283

I just discovered Washio, a "green" laundry service that sends laundry ninjas to your door to pick up your dirties and return them to you cleaned and folded in 24 hours. And, all for the same price as your local dry cleaner. Sound too good to be true? Read on.

Similar to the grocery delivery model, you choose a 30-minute window when you'd like your ninja to arrive. You may include any special handling instructions in the "notes" section of your order (all of this can be managed from the comfort of your iPhone or Android). And, for a mere $1.60 per pound for wash and fold, you can get your heaping 20 lb. soiled sack washed and folded with non-toxic, scent free detergent for only $32 (there's only a $20 minimum, fyi). And, tipping is totally unnecessary.

Washio launched in Los Angeles and is now available in San Francisco. Just enter your zip code during the set up process to find out if your home is in their service area. Note: my home address was outside of the zone but my office address is a-ok, so I'm using that.

Wanna save $10 on your first order? Use coupon code: CarrieGives10

Bonus Employment Opp:

Interested in becoming a ninja? You'll earn $18/hr! Here are the deets:

  • Punctual, responsible, smart and friendly.
  • Own your own vehicle (4-door and year 2000 or newer) and proof of registration.
  • Have a valid California drivers license, current insurance, clean driving record.
  • Own an iPhone or Android phone.

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