Beautiful, Disposable Table Runners: Tip-of-the-Day #287

A friend of mine turned me onto the idea of using gift wrap as a holiday table runner. She picked up a roll of heavy weight craft paper with vintage images of knives, forks and spoons on it for the table decor at a recent dinner party. It was great looking and the best part is that when we spilled all over it (that's how we roll) she could just throw it away and not worry about a dry cleaning bill. 

I picked up a roll of the "French Farmhouse" for myself, but I also got this gold chevron pattern (pictured) as a nice complement to the gold ornaments on the tree (sitting just behind this table out of view).

For $8, you too can buy 6 feet of durable paper - to be used as wrapping paper, cut into place mats, or as illustrated here, a fun and festive runner. 

Check out OurVintageBliss on Etsy to get yourself one of the patterns described. Or, get creative and make your own runner with butcher block/craft paper. You can buy it in giant rolls - my office bought some to decorate the massive glass windows of one of our conference rooms at Halloween. Find it on Amazon - and if you're a prime member, it ships for free. :)

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