Skip Netflix DVDs and Stream: Tip-of-the-Day #247

I've had two Netflix DVDs sitting on my TV console since last September. That's nearly ONE WHOLE YEAR! They haven't been watched and they haven't been sent back. They have just been collecting dust. And, Netflix has been collecting $13.04 from me every single month. That's $130 over the last ten months!

Now at some point I had the sense to order the streaming service for $7.99, which together totalled out at over $20 a month but on its own makes good sense. With the streaming service you don't necessarily get access to all the "just released" flicks but you do get thousands of titles that can be watched on your TV, tablet or phone. In fact, I just installed the Netflix app on my iphone and have been catching up on all the Arrested Development episodes I missed back in '03.

Hard to believe it took me ten months to hit the "cancel" button on the DVD program but I finally did it and I feel like a weight has been lifted.

Need to see a brand new movie? Rent it from Amazon. Rent it from Comcast OnDemand. You have options and guaranteed they'll cost a lot less than the cumulative coin that builds from unwatched (dusty) DVDs.