Pay Yourself & A Fav Non-Profit: Tip-of-the-Day #228


I just got an interesting email from the San Francisco Food Bank (one of my favorite non-profits), alerting me to the fact that they had recently partnered with Op4G (Opinions for Good), a market research company with a twist -- individuals who sign up will be able to participate in paid surveys and questionnaires, but with additional funds going toward a non-profit of their choice. Fascinated, I signed up and learned more.

I can put my opinions to work (and clearly have many of them!) supporting up to two Non-Profits with the option to change them at any time. I can contribute at least 25% of my earnings to each of my Non-Profits, and can optionally choose to contribute 50%, 75%, or even 100% of my earnings (I opted to donate 100% to the SF Food Bank). Op4G takes care of all the bookkeeping, but charges no fees — sending 100% of earnings to me and my Non-Profit(s).

This just struck me as a super cool way to make a few bucks - either for yourself or your favorite hard-working non-profit. Very innovative!

1. Sign up at:
2. Answer a short questionnaire about yourself (don't get turned off by the probing nature - they need to know a bit about you in order to assess if you're the right fit for the survey at hand).
3. Confirm your email address.
4. Wait for a survey to come your way!

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