Spend Less Filing Your Taxes: Tip-of-the-Day #214


If you're like me, you detest ponying up the $60 (or so) it costs to file your federal and state taxes each year. I use TurboTax because it makes the process of filing much easier and literally guides me through the various steps, even the tougher stuff like itemized deductions. But, before I begin, I ALWAYS perform a search online for deals on TurboTax. I'll use search terms like "TurboTax + discount code" or "TurboTax + exclusive offer". More often than not I'll pull up a laundry list of financial institutions or insurance companies offering special TurboTax deals to "their" customers, only you don't even have to be a customer to exercise the offer!

This year I vacillated between a Wells Fargo promo in which the federal filing was reduced significantly but the state was regular price, and an offer from State Farm whereby the federal wasn't AS discounted as the Wells offer, however the state was discounted, and so the total out of pocket was lower. In fact, I even found out that if you happen to be a State Farm banking customer (who knew they had a bank??) you could file for FREE! Alas, I am not.

All by way of saying, before filing your taxes this year and paying $60 more dollars to take care of this nasty chore, search out the deals. You may find something even better than I did as April 15 draws nearer and the deals get sweeter. Good luck!

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