Yelp Your Way to Results: Tip-of-the-Day #213


Posting your feedback about local businesses on sites like Yelp!, OpenTable, Facebook and Twitter can prove rewarding. I tend to voice my opinion as often as possible; praising where praise is due, and squawking when displeased with a service or situation. What I didn't know is that businesses are actually monitoring the feedback in these forums and will contact customers when appropriate. Why? Because businesses have recognized a shift in the way that consumers "shop". We listen to our peers more than Zagat reviews or advertisements in local papers. It's incredibly important to businesses today to keep their flow of feedback positive to ensure future business and they can only do that if customers are happy.

Last week I posted a somewhat unfavorable review of a spa I'd visited and within two days I'd been contacted by the director of spa services, asking me to give them another chance and persuading me to do so with free massage services. I was impressed! And, it isn't just bad press that gets businesses jumping. I wrote a positive review of a jewelry store several months back and was rewarded with a coupon for dollars off my next purchase!

The next time you have something to talk about, do it! You'll feel good getting your opinions posted and you just may enjoy the rewards of your unbridaled (and invaluable) feedback.

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