Great Hotel Rewards Program: Tip-of-the-Day #206


I was having dinner with a girlfriend last night and we got on the subject of travel ('course I had just posted a blog entry all about the restorative powers of vacation so it was even more relevant). I mentioned that I generally gravitate to one or two sites to book most of my travel because the rates are often lowest. She was surprised when I didn't mention Then she went on to explain that has a "buy ten, get one free program" that they lovingly refer to as welcomerewards. And welcome they are! Unlike department store "deals" where the freebie has to equate to the lowest valued item on your list, with this program you can stay ANYWHERE with you freebie! I was flabbergasted. (I love that word). Things'll be changing in my travel planning asap. Here's how the program works:

1. Sign up for a account (it's free) and enroll in "welcomerewards." You can also join welcomerewards from your "My Account" page if you're already a member.

2. Sign in to your account before booking a property priced at $40 or more (not hard to do).

3. After you've stayed a total of 10 nights (anywhere and not all at once), you will see an automatic credit in your account for a free night at any property offered by, up to $400 in value!

I'm a little bummed right now that I didn't use to book my October and November getaways...but it's never too late to start saving real money. Woohoo!

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