Extend Carpet Life and More!: Tip-of-the-Day #207


When I had a new carpet runner installed not too long ago I decided that to help preserve its life (because it wasn't cheap!) I would start taking my shoes off before entering the house. My bf was on board with the plan and we've now had the carpet in place for nearly 8 months and it still looks brand spankin' new.

I used to think that people with a "no shoes policy" were sort of strange. But I'll tell you something, I've tried it and I'm a believer! Not only do you extend the life of your carpet dramatically but you keep the house (at large) so much cleaner. Shoe removal will ultimately save you money long term on carpet cleaning costs, but also the costs associated with having to replace or repair other heavily trafficked area rugs, refinishing wood floors, and even painting the lower sections of walls to accomodate scuffs and dings.

People don't think about just how dirty their shoes are from walking on the pavement day in and day out. You're tracking in fecal matter, hair, old decaying food and bacteria that you can't even see!

Try taking your shoes off before entering your house and guaranteed you'll notice a difference. Don't be embarassed to ask others to do the same in your home. It's your home after all and you're saving yourself money!

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