Sizzling Savings at Sears: Tip-of-the-Day #183


Calling all parents! Did you know that Sears has a "Wear-out Guarantee" for kids? They do! It’s called KidVantage and if an article of children's clothing or shoes wears out before the child grows out of it, it is replaced at no charge!

It’s hard to believe a program like this exists and I’m pretty sure that had this program been in place when I was a kid my mom might never have had to buy another article of clothing – at least for my sister. I mean think about the possibilities for households with multiple kids! There are multiple benefits...literally. I don’t mean to open up a can of worms but if Sears is willing to dole out a brand new item of clothing for its worn out counterpart (albeit in the same size) well then younger siblings can definitely benefit. No?

In addition to the Wear-out Guarantee, with every purchase of $100 in children's apparel, KidVantage participants receive 15 percent off their next purchase and the coupon is ready to use and attached to the end of your receipt.

Unbelievably the program is completely free, and customers can sign up at any in-store register.

Bonus: You will receive money-saving offers throughout the year too.

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