Save Fees on eBay!: Tip-of-the-Day #182


Buy or sell much on eBay? I'm guessing if you do you already have a good track record by way of positive ratings from transactions. Well, now eBay is trying a new way of rewarding good sellers and it's all upside for you and me!

Under a new program unveiled this week, eBay is giving top-tier status to sellers who have very little negative feedback from buyers - even if these sellers aren't among those who make the most sales. Now top-rated vendors will get a 20 percent discount on the fees they must pay eBay after selling an item (a HUGE savings if you're selling something of any value). Also nice: your products will be more likely to show up in searches because you'll have "good buyer" status buoying you.

To qualify: a merchant must have at least 100 sales, worth a total of at least $3,000, on eBay per year. Hmm. That could be tricky...though could add up fast when you consider the average sale is $30. You just have to be consistent about it.

I've long used eBay to sell items I purchased rashly (and then fell outside of the return window) or even gently used merch that could be better served in someone else's home. If you consolidate all of your saleable merchandise and use eBay as your sole channel of redistribution you could easily meet the sales threshold and stand to gain more than you imagined with the reduced fee model in place! I'm pretty excited about this one.

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