You Can Haggle at Retail!: Tip-of-the-Day #147


Retail prices are a lot more negotiable than you might think. It probably seems far fetched anywhere but in Mexico, but when times get tough and consumers restrict spending, retailers get flexible. Prices aren't fixed! Believe it or not some of our most mainstream retailers are willing to negotiate.

1. Ask for what you want. You may think you can't negotiate with a mainstream retailer, but you can! Especially if you can help them find a reason to negotiate with you. If your item of interest is scratched or flawed, perhaps outside of its original packaging or just on the verge of becoming "last season's merch", you can make a deal!

2. Do some research. You can’t ask for a price that eliminates all profit margin so check out comparable items before making your offer. (Helpful hint: jewelry has one of the highest markups so there’s lots of room to negotiate there).

3. Stay firm. Have a price in mind and be willing to walk away. My mom always gave me this advice on our travels. If you can’t get the price you’re after, just walk away. You'll more than likely find it elsewhere and at the price you ARE willing to pay.

You'll catch more flies with honey. So don't be rude about the request when you make it. And, if someone does decide to give you a nice deal, thank them! It's amazing how these little (but important) courtesies fly out the window at a moment's notice.

Plus, in this economy you can definitely play up the recessionary environment as reason to get a break. I was just at a flea market with a friend who began a lot of negotiations with "well, in this recession...". It worked!

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