13 Things You Can Get FREE: Tip-of-the-Day #146


From prescription drugs and stock trades to movies, cruises and legal advice, it's possible to get a lot for very little.

1. Credit monitoring: Get up to nine months of free credit monitoring from TransUnion.

2. Stock trading: Zecco, an online brokerage, gives away 10 stock trades per month.

3. Tax prep: If you're age 60 or older, serve in the U.S. military or earn less than $40,000 a year, you qualify for free tax prep at thousands of sites all over the U.S. Check out the details on the IRS Web site.

4. Free flicks and shows: Go online to Hulu.com and browse through 100 movies and 400 TV shows for FREE.

5. Sports gambling: CentSports.com makes online gambling legit; winners stand to gain real cash and losers risk nothing and get immediately re-staked.

6. Free tunes: Spiral Frog offers 1.2 million songs and 4,000 music videos. And, for a customized radio experience, check out Pandora.com. Just enter an artist, and the site will generate playlists from that band and others within its genre. Plus, there aren't commercials.

7. Road trip: No cash? Eager to travel? Auto Driveaway will let you drive someone else's vehicle from one destination to another. The company has 45 U.S. locations and lists about 150 opportunities per month.

8. Free digs: Join the Home Exchange Network and hole up in someone else's home for free. You can swap digs with someone you meet on the network or host each other as guests.

9. Cruisin': A number of cruise lines offer last minute deals to fill empty cabins. Imperial Majesty Cruise Line even offers three-day, two-night cruises for FREE! If you're the spontaneous sort, this deal is for you.

10. Adopt a grandparent: At the Elder Wisdom Circle, you can find a "cyber grandparent" willing to lend insights gleaned from decades past. Free wisdom and a friend.

11. Legal counsel: Get free legal advice at freeadvice.com. The site features advice from hundreds of lawyers on more than 130 legal topics, including insurance, real estate and estate planning.

12. Deep rubs: Student massage therapists will will rub you down for free at local massage schools. Students, like pilots or chefs, must practice a certain number of hours before getting their licenses.

13. Drugs: Big pharmaceutical companies give doctors more drugs than they can store. The next time you need a pricey prescription, just ask for a sample at your appointment. You could save hundreds of dollars.


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