Shopping Can Be Lucrative!: Tip-of-the-Day #159


Mystery shopping (like working for an ad agency) sounds sexier than it is. BUT, if you like to shop and you’ve got some time on your hands, this job requires very little training and no background in retail. Score! Before you get started (or start to think that mystery shopping will get you rich), there are a things to bear in mind.

For starters, a reputable mystery shopping company won't ask you to pay any money to look at job listings. (I almost got sucked into that!) However, if you do accept a gig it is your responsibility to pay for the product or service you'll need to evaluate.

You can't think that you're going to make a ton of cash from this part-time job. The average is $7 to $15 an hour and remember that you're driving to your assignments and paying for incidentals (food, drink, etc.). It ain't all roses. Oh, and reimbursement can take weeks (to months) so send in your expense reports asap.

Interested? Check it out!

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