Duct Tape Does It All!: Tip-of-the-Day #158


I had no idea that a roll of duct tape could have so many uses. Would you believe entire blogs have been dedicated to its uses? We're talking car repair, TV antennaes, furniture legs and more!

Here's a roundup of what duct tape is great for:
• Fixing a ripped suitcase or broken handle (wrap 6 feet of tape around a small plastic bottle and then cut off both ends of the bottle).
Making a dress form of your body with duct tape and an old T-shirt.
• Creating a cockroach trap (once they hop on, there’s no getting off).
• Patching water pipes.
• Patching holes in the pool.
• Weather stripping around doors and windows.
• Taping an alligator's mouth closed.
• Temporarily creating a patch for a car body.
• Holding the bumper on a car.
• Patching mufflers and tail pipes.
• Use in an emergency to hem pants, a skirt or a dress.
• Repairing a vacuum cleaner hose.
• Book binding.
• Repairing a car tail light.
• Stopping a leak in the garden hose.
• Repairing a tear in a tent.
• Creating a bandage when you don't have a real one handy.
• Use as a patch on clothing.
• Keeping rubber boots from leaking.
• Repairing holes in inflatable water toys.
• Removing lint from clothing.
• Reupholstering furniture.
• Wrapping Christmas presents... they'll never get them open.
• Catching flies (just hang from ceiling).
• Taping warranties to the back or underside of new appliances.
• Fixing holes in the wings of airplanes.
• Replacing webbing in lawn chairs.
• Use in place of wax for removing unwanted hair.
• Patching holes in the toes of ballet shoes.
• Removing a splinter.

Have at it!

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