Tired of Flat Tires: Tip-of-the-Day #122


After several flattened tires over the past two years (mainly attributed to the fact that there is so much construction on the streets of San Francisco), I bought myself tire insurance. It didn’t cost much - it is generally 10% of the cost of a new tire - and it has proven incredibly useful!

On Saturday I took my car in to the tire shop to get what I thought would be yet another $25 patch job and it turned out the tire was completely dead! That is a $200 tire that I've only had for six months! Because I have the insurance, that very tire is being replaced FOR FREE. With insurance you can get as many patch jobs as you need (God forbid) and complete replacement once. Then, you buy insurance on the next tire. Now, you can’t go in there with the tread totally bare and replace your tires…but if you are afflicted by a nail or some other misfortune you can get the service you need, gratis.

Most times insurance is a throw away – something that companies just add on to make money (think rental cars, stereo equipment, etc.). But in this case, it is absolutely worth every single penny - especially if you have expensive or hard to find tires. I absolutely stand behind this. On your next tire buy, add the extra $10 - $20 to your bill and it will pay for itself ten times over. It did for me anyway.

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