Name a Domain: Tip-of-the-Day #121


If you are someone that likes to brainstorm great names, you should definitely think of web domains that no one else has come up with yet. There is actually a market for this! I was just talking to my boyfriend’s father at brunch on Sunday, and he happens to be in the medical industry. He’s come up with some great domain names, one which recently sold for $5,000!

Obviously, you’ll have to get creative here because all of the names like “” and “” are loooooooong gone. But think about different industries…try to wrap your head around what might be the next big breakthrough for instance. Now the trick will be coming up with something that someone will want in the not-to-distant future so you don’t have to keep renewing the name year over year. Then too, consider that .com may eventually go by the wayside for something more “current” – in the future. It’s a risk and a true game of defining need, getting the timing right and picking something that’s not already taken.

If you have the time and your creative juices are flowing, why not start exploring the infinite possibilities of domain naming?

Example: is available and if I thought that in a year Suze Orman might want that very name, I’d buy it now and sell it to her for a small fortune! ;)

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