Fed Ex Corporate Discounts: Tip-of-the-Day #108


Most companies have agreements in place with major shipping companies like Federal Express and UPS. Some businesses mail so many packages that they've managed to negotiate really good pricing and employees can take advantage of it!

Just this week I was putting together a care package for a friend who lives overseas. I knew from a recent eBay sale (to the UK) that shipping prices have sky rocketed in the past year. I was not looking forward to paying the exorbitant cost to ship and thought to ask my company's shipping department if I would save anything by going through the company. Sure enough, I paid almost 66% less than I would have paid going directly through Fed Ex! I couldn't believe it.

You may end up having to fill out some lengthy form that gets granular about the contents of your package (I did and had to actually itemize the Hostess cupcakes and Suzie Q's with the shipping attendant at corporate which was very embarrassing) but it's worth it.

It's amazing what kind of perks you can get just by working for a mid to large sized company. They've got leverage with all of their vendors based on the capacity by which they use them. May as well enjoy the overflow!

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