Consolidate Your Organizers: Tip-of-the-Day #106


Not sure if I'm the only one still living in the dark ages but I have to think not (seeing as I work in technology and I'm still seemingly behind the times). My Palm Tungsten recently imploded on me, like a star it had lived out its natural life and left me in a black hole when it took all of my contacts and calendar events with it.

When I shared my tragedy with a colleague (several years my junior) she said to me and I quote "wow, you're old school with that Palm." Dang. I have never felt more like my mom than in that moment. All of a sudden my Palm woes were the equivalent of my mother staring up at me, confused, with VCR manual in hand. Sigh.

All by way of saying I promptly asked this colleague what "people are using nowadays" to manage their calendar and contacts and again she looked at me like I was an alien and said quite matter of factly, "um, a Blackberry?". She positioned it like a question only I think it was more a nod to my stupidity on the subject.

So today I started reviewing my options.

1. Send my dead Palm back to the manufacturer to see if they can fix it (the cost of repair starts at $149 and doesn't guarantee a fix).
2. Replace my old Palm with a new Palm (same model is now running at $499).
3. Buy a different PDA with the same functionality (ballpark $400).
4. Buy a Smartphone that will cover off my phone AND PDA needs.

I started digging around online and believe my best bet may in fact be to go with a Blackberry (per my savvy colleague's suggestion). I'm only using my Samsung Instinct for the phone functionality and it doesn't have a contacts component. The Blackberry Curve will provide me with:

Wireless email
Video Recording
BlackBerry® Maps
Media player
Corporate data access
and more!

They retail for $499 (same as a new Palm would cost me) but with a two year phone agreement through any major carrier I can get it for much less.

My disparate electronics have put me in the position of having to remember where I keep all my data and frankly because the Palm software is tied to a computer I'm no longer using, I hadn't backed it up in months. NOT good.

Lesson learned: keep up with technology, consolidate your needs in one device, and you'll save yourself the money from having to buy multiple devices and the heartache when your device up and dies on you unexpectedly.

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