(Bad) Grammar Gets Goods: Tip-of-the-Day #117


How many times have you been trolling eBay (or Craigslist for that matter) for that Banana Republic bag you had your eye on…or the Anthropologie skirt you’d been coveting, only to find some people CAN’T SPELL the retailer’s name?? If you’re lucky enough to catch those, you stand to get your item of interest because all too often people entering the correctly spelled words won’t pull up those typos in their search.

Introducing Typo Buddy, the tool created just for finding misspelled eBay listings. You can find thousands of misspelled words on eBay, and it is in fact the secret to getting great deals! Careless eBay sellers post misspelled eBay items all the time. Just find these misspelled items and you'll usually pay less because fewer people find the auction listings and with fewer bids, yours just might be the highest.

Good luck and happy hunting :)

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