Shop Off-Season: Tip-of-the-Day #93


This may seem obvious to some, and not always acceptable to others. I personally find some of the best deals on clothes, shoes and accessories when we're entering a new season. For instance, now that we're just getting into our warmer months and it's time to break out sandals and skirts, go shopping for winter boots and woolly coats! I know you won't get to wear them for six months, but imagine how good it will feel to pull them out next Fall and know you paid a fraction of what your friends are going to have to pay to find comparable merchandise once it's already chilly out.

It takes some planning on your part, and may even require some shuffling in the closet for storage sake, but by taking advantage of out-of-season sales you are treating yourself to more than great fashion, you're enjoying great savings.

Right now you can go to your preferred on or offline retailer and find boots and "winter" handbags for 25% off or more. All that stuff has to be cleared out because retailers can't sell "last season's items" next season. But you can certainly wear them and no one will be the wiser!

I happen to love shopping at Marshall's for this very reason. They get all kinds of merchandise from retailers that can't sell all of their inventory and that merchandise is extended to us, the consumer, at a terrific price. I've found Nine West boots for $20, Monsac handbags for $50 and Egyptian cotton sheets for $19.99. Just because it's warm or cold outside doesn't mean you have to be slave to the buying season.

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