Always Check Your Bill: Tip-of-the-Day #92


Not checking your bill at a restaurant or even after a hotel stay could literally leave a lot of money on the table - and not in your favor! It doesn't happen often, but you may inadvertently wind up with someone else's tab, an extra glass of wine on your statement, or perhaps an additional entree you didn't order, wedged between your wedge salad and your pasta course.

I've been in situations where there have been major oversights (a bottle of wine that wasn't ordered was on the bill!) and if I hadn't looked closely I wouldn't have noticed because I was dining with a large group and it could have been chalked up to other bar tab items.

Some find it embarrassing to scrutinize a tab, like somehow you're disrespecting your food server or the establishment, but in actuality you are doing a major disservice to yourself if you don't!

It's easy to glance at your bill before setting down your credit card and having it whisked away. What takes a little more time however, is really looking closely at your bill when you're checking out of a hotel. It's amazing how many line items show up when your stay is broken down by day, by meal, by tax, by tip and it gets so granular it's hard to digest. But, you'd be surprised too how many little "mistakes" can be made and how that affects your pocketbook.

I've had in-room movies charged to my bill that were never viewed, drinks from a poolside bar added that were not mine - even a spa service I'd never enjoyed!

Before you throw down your credit card and try to make a quick getaway, really take a look at what you're paying for. It pays to scrutinize.

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