Health Insurance Hidden Perks: Tip-of-the-Day #82


Did you know that in many states (hopefully yours among them!), your health insurance plan reimburses you for staying healthy? Not kidding.

Sometimes there is a ceiling, like $30 a month, or $150 annually for participating in structured weight loss programs (if the extra pounds aren't incentive enough, this should be!) and the same reimbursement structure would also apply to your gym membership (if you're at a gym like 24 Hr. Fitness this can easily swing you six months - at my gym it's a mere four weeks...sigh...).

My last employer had a similar plan in place which I always took advantage of, but who knew that my insurance might have been doing the same? Wonder if I could have been double dipping...

From what I researched online, it looks like Blue Cross Blue Shield and Aetna were among some of the organizations that participate in this preventive program, but I'm guessing other insurance providers offer something similar. It’s certainly worth looking into if you haven't already!

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