Go Generic: Tip-of-the-Day #66


I know there’s a small part of you that really wants the Tampax brand of Tampons – not the Walgreens or Target brand. But you know what? As long as you identify your favorite applicator and ensure you’re getting the right “size” – all tampons are pretty much created equally.

Would you believe I was in Walgreens and found boxes of “generic” tampons (just like the ones I buy with brand names on them) on clearance?! Who knew that items of necessity could ever be found on a clearance rack? That'd be like finding perfectly good milk on clearance! Or toilet paper for God's sake!

Everything from OTC drugs to pantyhose are cheaper when they are generic. So in a pinch, skip the fancy name or the brand you’ve “always used” and save yourself real money! The only reason there are brand names and non-brand names is because someone had to launch the product first. Once the patent life expires on a brand-name product, it is eligible to be made into a generic product.

That's it folks.

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