Download Software Trials: Tip-of-the-Day #67


Why buy expensive (and often dated) software when you can try it first, often for as long as you like? One weekend I wanted to create a video for a contest I was entering and desperately desired to learn green screen technology so I could make my video more interesting. I ended up downloading a trial version of Adobe After Effects and completing the project well before the trial was up. I saved myself hundreds of dollars!

Same thing happened when I needed to produce an accompanying audio track and I found a trial of an application called Mixcraft (the PC equivalent of Garage Band basically). I was able to do everything that purchasing the full version entitles you to do, and liked it so much I actually did end up buying it.

You can "try" products like Quicken and QuickBooks long enough to organize all your financials, enjoy a 30-day trial of a product like Easy Media Creator (long enough to compile and edit all your favorite video clips and archive them), or use a product like PhotoShow and continue leveraging the "basic" version (extending nearly all the privileges of the premium version) for the life of the product.

Before you make any decisions to invest in expensive software programs, look around. You'll be surprised by the extended trials which can be found at places like, and If you work it, it will work.

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