Fish Oil Proves Fishy: Tip-of-the-Day #71


So many producers of omega 3 capsules state that there is a unique molecular distillation process used to remove mercury, PCBs and dioxins (which apparently guarantees purity and potency). Fish oil, naturally containing omega-3 fatty acids, is said to help maintain heart and vascular health. Of course, that hasn't been proven by the FDA and most of us take supplements because someone in a trusted position (a doctor for instance) has told us to.

I started taking fish oil when a friend of the family told me it would help my memory. Yes, I'm only 37, but as I've mentioned in earlier posts, my memory could stand some help. At first I took only half the recommended dosage of fish oil because I was sharing the expensive (prescribed!) capsules with my boyfriend. When I noticed no increase in my memory bank I started taking all the pills myself (much to my bf's dismay). Still, nothing.

Not only are these prescription strength pills expensive (like $170 when my insurance lapsed!) but again, without a noticeable benefit I'm hard pressed to continue taking them.

A wise friend once told me that humans have been doing just fine for centuries, actually EATING the fish and nutrients that many pills are supposedly delivering today. Perhaps we should up our fish intake (to a mere 2X a week) and save the difference on those supplements?

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