Netflix Junkies Reflect: Tip-of-the-Day #4


It’s not that subscriptions like Netflix are “expensive” per se, but it gets harder to rationalize the incremental cost when you aren’t actually using the membership level you’ve signed up for. Did you realize there are FIVE membership tiers to choose from? You can get 4 DVDs at a time for $23.99/mo., 3 DVDs at a time (my personal fav) for $16.99/mo., 2 DVDs for $13.99/mo. or 1 DVD for $8.99/mo. There's even a super basic plan for a mere $4.99/mo. that enables the very light movie watcher to rent 1 movie at a time, with a 2 DVD/mo. ceiling.

Be honest with yourself. Are you really getting those fabulous red envelopes in your mailbox, tearing into them and watching all your movies that night? Are you even watching them in one week? Or, are they sitting on your television stand collecting dust with your magazine subscriptions to Food & Wine and National Geographic?

Why not scale back to a lighter plan? It isn’t a HUGE savings, but you can save $5 - $15 a month and that adds up! Plus, even on the lighter plans you still have access to unlimited online watching which means despite your DVD ceiling, you can go online at any time and watch movies on your PC. Nice, huh?

If you really don't think you can commit to a subscription of any kind, why not explore Video on Demand options and only pay for the movies you KNOW you’re going to watch. That way there's no guilt whatsoever when you aren't using what you've paid for.

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