Homemade Gifts Are Top Dog: Tip-of-the-Day #33


Cheesy as it may seem, it's true that nothing says “I took the time to think about you” like a photo calendar, music CD compilation, a jar of homemade jam, or even cleverly presenting something of yours that your friend has had her eye on and been coveting for a while.

It’s incredibly easy to pick up a gift card these days...or buy a bottle of cheap wine...but, remember when your mom used to tell you that it “means more when you make it”? She wasn’t kidding!

Taking the time in today’s fast paced world to make a gift yourself tells the recipient that you actually care about them enough to dig up old pics, a favorite soundtrack or a beloved sweater that grandma knit.

I like to surprise my friends with fun music mixes, complete with customized CD cover art (usually pics of us all having fun!). Everyone loves it, especially when the mix is comprised of current hits that would otherwise have cost them a dollar a download!

I know I love it when friends bring homemade cookies, jams, even breads during the holidays as hostess gifts. It takes time and energy to bake and (calories aside) you're getting a very thoughtful gift.

Sometimes the best things in life ARE free (or really inexpensive) and during a recession it is not only sweet to make something for someone, it's savvy.

You can create a 12-month photo calendar for instance pretty easily. You'll find templates on the internet you can download and use to print from home, if you have digital pics you can go to a site like Shutterfly or you can order a starter kit from Amazon and let them do the work for you!

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