eBay Makes Saving a Cinch: Tip-of-the-Day #32


You’d be surprised how many people are selling great looking jeans, barely carried handbags, even never worn jewelry!

The fact is, people’s size may change (unexpectedly), perhaps they are in the fashion industry and deem the merchandise “last season’s”, or maybe it’s a case of breakup blues and purging all things related to said relationship.

Whatever the reason for the displacement, it’s your gain. Before you go hunting down a very expensive pair of brand name jeans or a very cool purse you saw on a recent episode of Gossip Girl, go online.

eBay has both a bid and “Buy it Now” feature. And either way, you’re probably going to spend much less than at retail.

Suggestion: Don't start bidding on an item too soon - it just escalates the price and you end up paying more. Use a service called eSnipe to do the dirty work for you. You set your max and eSnipe goes in 90 seconds before the auction closes and bids for you. That way you aren't tied to your computer watching and waiting until the auction ends. God - that sounds exhausting just writing about it!

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