Why Meal Kits Make Sense (For Me): Tip-of-the-Day #334

About four months ago I decided that my dinner rut was taking a toll on the way I was feeling about food. I found myself cooking the same things (with the same spices and flavor profiles) all the time and I nearly always used the same kinds of meats and veggies. BO-ring.

I saw an ad for Hello Fresh and looked into it. It sounded interesting. For me, the price was certainly right ($10 per meal) but equally important, the foods looked easy to prepare and delicious. I decided to give it a try.

The first couple of weeks I was receiving the classic box, which includes meat and seafood. I decided (unrelated to the really good food I was making with Hello Fresh) to try and wean myself off of meat and stick to a mostly vegetarian/pescatarian lifestyle. So, I changed my selection from "Classic" to "Vegetarian." Five months later and I've never looked back! For the first time in my life I am willing to follow a recipe! I have no idea why I was so recipe-averse before, but reading a recipe is easy and guarantees the outcome of your meal. I've combined foods I'd never considered combining, tried spices I don't keep in my spice rack, and found myself snacking post-dinner MUCH LESS because the meals I'm making are so fulfilling.

I have spoken so highly of this service that four of my colleagues at work are now using Hello Fresh! That said, there are other, similar services out there. I just know that my experience with Hello Fresh has been solid and the introductory offer to get started is downright fantastic. You can get $40 off your first week too, bringing the cost down to $20 for six meals!

For those of us who work or have families or both, a meal kit service is great for so many reasons. In summary:

  1. You'll get variety you never pursued on your own
  2. Everything you need to cook each meal is included in your box - there's no grocery shopping involved
  3. You spend far less per meal than you would on take-out or even grocery shopping (the way I shopped anyway!)
  4. Every meal can be prepared in 30 mins or less
  5. Recipes are easy to follow and even come with wine pairing suggestions!

I've heard a few folks squawk about the excessive packaging in each box, but honestly, I see that Hello Fresh is trying to minimize their footprint and each week there are improvements to make the packaging more eco-friendly.

If you find yourself in the same rut I was in, give a meal kit service a try. I think you'll love it!

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