Skip Your Next Trip to Starbucks: Tip-of-the-Day #328

A colleague recently introduced me to Medaglia D'Oro, instant espresso coffee that can be found on the shelf at your local supermarket. Skeptical at first, my co-worker made me a quick shot so that I could judge the quality for myself. Simply put, it was amazing. Incredibly rich, flavorful and downright impressive for "instant." If I didn't know better, I would have assumed it had been produced by an on-site espresso machine.

I quickly learned that a couple of rounded teaspoons, some raw sugar, and a dash of milk creates the most delicious cup of coffee I think I've ever had.

Over the Fourth of July I had headed north with family and we'd forgotten to bring our beans, filters, etc. Replacement is steep, so I suggested we pick up a container of Medaglia. I quickly squashed their skepticism once I poured the first cup.

A 2 oz. container is approximately $4 - about the cost of a latte at your favorite retailer. Considering the cost of drinks continues to increase (Starbucks just raised costs across the board by at least .15 cents) you may think about foregoing the latte, in favor of trying this instant espresso. It's hard to believe it's been around for years and I've only just learned of it. This week alone I've saved $25 by "drinking in."

The best part of waking up is Medaglia in my cup. Seriously.

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