Volunteer to Save On Admission Cost: Tip-of-the-Day #316

Art festivals, Oktoberfest, concerts and opening galas are all fun and fabulous events to attend in any city. However, the price of admission can set you back a penny or two.

This Labor Day I volunteered for a shift at the annual Sausalito Art Festival and in doing so, gained free admittance. That was a $25 savings and I only had to "work" for two hours. The rest of the day was mine to enjoy.

The same thinking can be applied to any of your city's fun events. Call venues and find out if they need extra help at the door or at one of the booths. If the Christmas tree you have your eye on is going to break the bank, offer to volunteer at the lot in exchange for a discount or freebie. (Same goes for pumpkins!)

I often volunteer my time at events across the city. Beyond getting free admission it's also a great way to network with like minded people and feel good about the way you're spending a Saturday.

With the holiday season upon us, now is the time to get creative!

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