Xfinity WiFi is Pretty Awesome: Tip-of-the-Day #309

A colleague of mine just introduced me to Xfinity WiFi - a collection of internet hotspots across the country with immediate and FREE internet access for current Xfinity subscribers.

Touted as the fastest hotspots available with over 1 million nationwide, it's now seemingly easier than ever to stay connected.

I have WiFi at home, but my issue was that my apartment is approximately 1,500 square feet and my network router is at one end, buried within an entertainment center. The other end of my place is riddled with dead spots. I bought a WiFi extender to fix that problem but it would work and then not work intermittently. A few months back I posted that I'd found my Verizon hotspot of some use but I didn't want to have to use my phone to fuel my other device connections (or my boyfriend's devices!).

Since I am already an Xfinity subscriber and pay UP THE WAZOO for the "triple play" (home phone, internet and television) this WiFi access is completely free to me.

For those folks who aren't Xfinity subscribers, you can actually buy hour/day/week passes (though I don't know why people would do this). As a trial user, you can get two 60-min complimentary passes, which is worth looking at. That said, I am primarily recommending this to people who are already slaves to Xfinity. And, getting access is as easy as:

  1. Enable WiFi on your wireless device.
  2. Select "xfinitywifi" in your list of available networks. Don't see "xfinitywifi"? Look for "CableWiFi".
  3. Sign in with your Comcast Email or username and password. Just sign in once, and the next time you’re in an XFINITY WiFi hotspot your device will connect automatically.

I am now able to tap the internet pretty consistently from all rooms in my home and am pretty blissed out by this discovery.


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