Smart People Don't Rant on FB: Tip-of-the-Day #302

This post is a little different from my usual format, but my blog is all about saving money, making money and making it through economic downturns and if you lose your job over something stupid you post on a social media site, then that is a hard downturn in my opinion.

Most of you smart folks out there know not to post anything "too" personal on a site like Facebook, right? And, by too personal, I mean any intimate details about your romantic relationship, anything political (unless you crave debate) and anything about the people you work with, especially if you are "friends" with one or more of them!

This may seem like a no-brainer, but believe me when I say that I see this happen ALL. THE. TIME. Now usually it's something that just makes you look ignorant or misinformed and people feel sorry for you but the incident passes, eventually. But, I have a colleague (or two) who have taken to Facebook with scathing remarks about company policy, inequities in the workplace and beyond! One such colleague is actually "friends" with the CEO and didn't think that this was a problem.

Let me tell you this, that kind of behavior will only lead to trouble. You'll be seen as a complainer, a sh** stirrer and someone who isn't adding to the well being of the company. And, you may be let go. Just sayin.

I can also tell you that I know for a fact that when you are interviewing with a company, they not only check your Linkedin profile, but your Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram account and any other social media site that comes up from a simple Google search.

Protect yourself from looking downright dopey and from potentially getting fired or overlooked for a highly coveted position.

Share your rants with friends or anonymously on Craigslist. Amen.

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