Help Your Aging Pets Get Around: Tip-of-the-Day #298

I have aging cats and it's painful for me to watch them struggle to get on and off of the elevated bed each night. Cats (as you may know) are proudful creatures and will not accept help unless absolutely required. And so, over the years I've tried easing the climb and/or descent with pet stairs designed specifically for dogs and cats with achey arthritic joints. My cats go out of their way to avoid it.

That said, comfort will win out over pride when it just doesn't feel good to jump any more. :(

And so, I developed what I affectionately refer to as the pillow ladder. Depending on the height of your bed, you can layer anywhere from 2 - 4 pillows of varying sizes in a latticed format (think Lincoln Logs). They need to be sturdy enough not to slip or slide and afford your animal the support it needs on the way up and down.

I'll leave this pillow ladder assembled all night long to afford my furry friends the option to come and go as they like while still maintaining access to the place they like most - the bed.

Save yourself a ton of money on different commercial steps or building blocks. Won't happen. In fact, when you assemble the pillow ladder, do it as nonchalantly as possible so that when your cat finds it, s/he thinks that they in fact discovered it.

Enjoy! Your animals will.

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