Gym Options During Travel: Tip-of-the-Day #300

As I mentioned in my previous post, I spent last week in Baltimore, Maryland. I was staying at a nice enough hotel and there was a gym on the property. That said, I was also there with 75+ colleagues all equally interested in tapping those four treadmills before breakfast. And so, I had to brainstorm other options if I wanted to get a (reliable) work out in.

Temps were hovering in the thirties and forties and power walks felt out of the question. So I researched other facilities within a four block radius of the hotel. Bingo! I found an athletic club that was full service - a breadth of equipment as well as group fitness classes. I had sense enough to bring along my spinning shoes in anticipation of this find and I was ready to rock and roll. Only rub: drop-in passes were $20 for the day. While that wasn't out of the question (I pay more for classes at home), I also wanted to explore other arrangements for the week. So I contacted Membership.

A quick meeting with a well intended Membership Advisor scored me a free week-long pass. I explained that my company is headquartered in Maryland and there were going to be more trips on the horizon. I needed a gym on both coasts to support my 2014 fitness goals!

In taking that one extra step and actually consulting a member of the staff, I was able to save myself a nice chunk of change that would not have otherwise been reimbursed by my company.

It's altogether possible that the Membership advisor could have denied my request or given me a single day pass, but you know what? She didn't! And, if you don't ask, you'll never know.

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