BEST (Proven) Stain Remover: Tip-of-the-Day #280

As seen in other posts, I'm a master at covering, camouflaging and sometimes even removing stains. My stains are largely of the red wine and cat vomit variety. Both, gnarly and nearly impossible to remove. I've tried everything from Shout to Resolve to Wine Away to Nature's Miracle and while some are able to remove the immediate stain, all tend to leave some kind of residue or "circle" of evidence that a stain once lived there. 

Then, I bought a Bissell Steam Vac. I was ready to take serious stain removal into my own hands. And, while the initial out of pocket was high (like $500, high) I decided it was worth it long term because each time I called an expert carpet cleaner to the house it ran us $150. So, three or four cleanings and I'm already in the black.

The biggest reveal was not the miracle of the steam vac, which does remove the stains quite nicely. But, the cleaning agent that arrived WITH my Bissell. Known simply as "Bissell 2X Professional Deep Cleaning Formula" this miracle worker stands on its own. Recently faced with bloody cat vomit (one of my sweet girls has IBD), I was horrified to find it streaming down our beige hallway runner. I was also not inclined to bring out the steam vac which, while effective, is an undertaking. And so instead I filled up a glass with hot water and added just a little bit of the 2X Professional Cleaning Formula, found a kitchen towel that I could sacrifice and went to work on the stain manually. Within moments it was gone. GONE. Too good to be true (it seemed) I backed away from the crime scene and waited for it to dry to see if the "ring of evidence" would appear. It didn't! 

I've since used the cleaning solution on spilled coffee, more cat barf, a smidge of turkey gravy and all to the same result. Pure, perfect, stain-free bliss. Not even a mark of where the accident might have once been.

If you can't afford the steam vac right now, just buy a bottle of the cleaning solution. It will be the best decision you've ever made (er, related to stains).

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