Profit Through Referrals: Tip-of-the-Day #274

At least once a week I'll receive an unsolicited email from a recruiter, or "talent agent" as they commonly refer to themselves, looking to fill a position that has nothing to do with my skill set. While I'm generally inclined to ignore it and move on to something more rewarding (shopping), I'm finding that more and more, recruiters are now providing an incentive for me to forward the email to a friend who might prove to be a "better fit."

Today I received an email that promised a $500.00 Visa gift card upon the 121st day of my referrals’ employment. Earlier in the week I was offered an iPad for a referral that gets placed.

And, it's not just external recruiters that make interesting offers around candidate referrals. My company offers $10,000 to anyone that refers a candidate that is consequently hired and remains employed for the requisite 120 days outlined above.

Start looking for these opportunities to help out your friends and professional network (tap LinkedIn for 2nd and 3rd degree contacts if you can't think of anyone right off the top). You'll be helping a friend/colleague find a new gig and you'll benefit from it too!

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