Foster a Furry Friend: Tip-of-the-Day #269

Spoiler alert! This post is about feeling good (petting cats is proven to reduce stress by 56%) and doing good (volunteer work makes a wonderful line item on your resume and great chest-thumping conversation at cocktail parties).

Have you considered fostering a cat? I happen to work as foster coordinator for a local non-profit cat rescue organization in the Bay Area, and I just finished writing a post for them about the great reasons to foster. "Why not share the word here?" I asked myself.

Top reasons why fostering an animal (I'm partial to cats) is a smart idea:
  1. It's a nice way to help children learn how to care for and respect a pet
  2. It can help one ease back into loving a new pet after losing a beloved one
  3. It's a wonderful way to feel out whether long term pet ownership is for you - no strings attached
  4. The rescue organization pays for food, litter, toys, medicine, etc. so you're not out a penny!
If you've ever thought about taking in a stray animal, why not do it now while we ease into the holiday season and everyone is merry. Work typically slows (unless you're in sales and then Q4 goals are hellatious) and the soft glow of white lights mixed with the potent smells of cookies and eggnog delight humans and felines alike.

If you happen to live in the Bay Area and you're reading this post, and you like what I'm saying, but more importantly, you like cats, reach out! You can become a foster, or even adopt if you're ready! Or, if you don't want to get involved in that way at all, but you do have a few extra bucks in your pocket - donate! It's tax deductible and again, you look like a totally caring citizen. Points!