Kilim Rugs Hide Wine Spills Best: Tip-of-the-Day #261

After much trial and error, I've finally concluded that Kilim rugs are truly the best at masking stains - be it wine, hair balls, or pepperoni pizza.

I was fairly certain of this before, but now that I witnessed my boyfriend drop a full glass of red wine on my new(ish) chevron rug and ruin it, I'm done. There's never so much as a hint of his tomfoolery on the living room or bedroom room Kilims - and so I finally had the aha moment.

Aha! I can only own Kilim or very dark rugs in my house from this point forward. It's not fabulous news for those of us who once dreamed of living in an all white escape. Isn't it Jennifer Lopez that has all white furniture, rugs, walls, etc.? Wonder if that changed when she had twins.

Anyhoo, just figured I'd confirm once and for all for anyone still thinking they might give that natural jute one more look...or, God forbid, consider a flokati for even a second.

It's Kilims for life. Not that that's a bad thing but it does mean that you'll be spending more time at Pottery Barn. Sigh.