Cut your cable bill. Try Simple.TV: Tip-of-the-Day #257

Simple.TV is the future of television, IMO. If you've ever envisioned the "television of tomorrow" you dream about a time when there will be no rules around what can be accessed and what can’t be...the television of tomorrow will be simple, digital, and global. It will transcend time, languages, and stations as we know them today. Well, I'm pretty certain, Simple.TV is going to get us there.

I recently discovered Simple.TV through a former colleague of mine. It's the first personal DVR that streams live and recorded TV to your favorite devices (laptop, tablet, TV, etc.), wherever you are.

Most of us have access to the major networks - ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, etc. - with a simple HD antenna. Yet most of us pay a fortune every year just so the cable companies can deliver it to us in our living rooms. With Simple.TV, you can literally cut your cable bill and take advantage of all of the amazing HDTV that virtually all of us SHOULD get for free.

I personally pay $200 a month for digital cable through Comcast. Yes, it includes some of the premium channels and access to 24/7 golf (clearly not my choice) but I'm tired of paying almost $2500/yr on television! Right now we can ease into Simple.TV for just $199 for a full year of premium service! And that includes the hardware. With a simple Netflix subscription in the mix I can catch up on movies and HBO or Showtime series that are important to me. Let's all try cutting the cord. Come on! On the count of three! One, twooo, try Simple.TV.