Bed, Bath & Beyond Bargain: Tip-of-the-Day #253

Never pay full price at Bed, Bath and Beyond again. Why? Because now the retailer extends their 20% in-store-only-discount-coupon, online!

Here's the thing about BB&B, you wouldn't think those coupons are that big a deal. In fact, they are often seen lying in junk bins in every mail room across the country. BUT, if you don't have that coupon on your person when you walk in the store and are ready to purchase, you're not getting a discount that day. No way. Those cashiers don't budge.

True story: I walked into a BB&B about a year ago and found the duvet that I'd had my eye on. I was thrilled by the notion that on top of the already discounted price, I'd get an additional 20% off. Got to the register, fished around in my purse for the coupon that's the size of a small dog, and doh! - I'd left it at home. Of course I assumed that they'd give me the savings anyway because they had to have a gagillion of those things lying around behind the register. But it seems they don't and they won't.
I actually ended up having a conversation with the cashier about the value of a customer in the store versus letting that customer leave empty handed and she didn't care. Did. Not. Care.

So, now that the coupons are readily available on the world wide web, that store has become a wonderland again. You'll never have to pay more than 80% of the value of any item! Just go to and sign up to receive special offers. You'll get those discount coupons flying into your inbox in no time. Hallelujah!