Build Your DVD Library - For Less: Tip-of-the-Day #250

In a post earlier this week I mentioned that I'd finally cancelled my Netflix DVD subscription.

In doing so, I was asked to return any DVDs that were still in my possession or I would be charged $14 per DVD.

I actually had to pause at that because I have purchased a couple of DVDs in the past few months and I spent more like $25 for new releases. Thus, if you actually wanted to build a DVD library and wanted to spend less, you'd be better off absconding with your Netflix DVDs than buying them outright!

It actually may just be a win win situation because I'm guessing Netflix gets those DVDs for pennies on the dollar and is making a nice profit by charging $14 for a lost or stolen DVD. But you and me, we're paying more for entertainment and $14 seems like a steal!

Just had to share this because it made me stop and think before pulling off the adhesive tab and sealing the contents of my red envelope forever. That said, given I hadn't watched The Iron Lady in the ten months it had been sitting on my console, I was pretty certain this wouldn't be the moment for grand theft.