Birthday Bonus with Retailers: Tip-of-the-Day #226


If you're not one to disclose your birth date when you register for new accounts with retailers, restaurants, etc. you may want to rethink that choice. It's true that there are times that information may be used to try and sell you stuff, but today I received a birthday wish from Pasta Pomodoro, wanting to commemorate the day I was born with the gift of a free entree. Now that's pretty impressive. They aren't throwing me a free order of garlic bread - or a dessert with purchase of an entire meal. They are actually GIVING me the meal!

Some retailers will send you "birthday bucks" (Banana Republic usually doles out savings of some kind though I haven't received that yet and my bday is March 8). And I think generally, retailers are getting better about giving the customer more without expecting something in return.

Just a heads up that if your bday is coming up, you can get a free plate of pasta at Pasta Pomodoro and if you're a registered Starbucks card holder, you can get yourself a free cup of joe to wash it down!

Mmmm. Enjoy.

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