Sell Back Your Wine: Tip-of-the-Day #218


I just received an email from one of my favorite wine shops in San Francisco, K&L Wine Merchants (also found online at Knowing that their loyal constituency of grape enthusiasts often collect more bottles than originally planned, they are offering to BUY BACK 'well stored' wine - no questions asked. Interesting idea.

It is true that sometimes our taste changes and we end up with mature wine in a style that is no longer our favorite. And, sometimes bottles that were purchased long ago become so valuable that drinking them doesn't sound fun anymore. (That never happens to me). I will say that it is possible to run out of storage space (I've started stacking up boxes in my garage, marking them with 'drink by' dates).

Well, K&L would like to make people fair offers on the unwanted bottles, whatever the reason.

They are promising to pay immediately, and by check. If I had anything I felt like parting with, this would motivate me to do it. After all, that's just more cash for Christmas.

Write to: if interested. Good luck!

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