Starbucks Treats Abound: Tip-of-the-Day #193


I'm not a huge fan of Starbucks, but I will say that they are conveniently located (EVERYWHERE) and often the easiest way for me to inject much-needed caffeine into my bloodstream. That said, I do have to praise their current promotional calendar. First they tempt us with "Free pastry day" then they create the pastry + coffee bundle at a better price than buying either item alone (smart thinking!). Now, they are offering a promo by which a purchased morning beverage means a discounted "grande" beverage later that same day!

It's quite brilliant really. A grande "cold" bevvie at or after 2:00 pm locks in your $2 deal and they are getting you to come in twice in one day! Some marketing genius over there at Starbucks headquarters is definitely earning their paycheck in this recessionary environment.

For you and me: this is a nice perk (no pun intended) and can be passed on to a friend or colleague if you aren't up for a double dose of the sultry Starbucks maiden in any one given day. Drink up!

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