Attend Events at Off Hours: Tip-of-the-Day #195


There's nothing like finding a better price on an activity you were already going to engage in. For instance, this past weekend I was interested in attending the Craft Fair at Fort Mason (in San Francisco) and I knew tickets were going for $12. I wasn't terribly concerned by the admission price but when I heard on the radio that the admission was dropping to $5 for anyone attending the show after 5:00 PM, I jumped on it. The timing happened to work out better for me anyway and I was able to save $7 just by going to the show when the event coordinators clearly anticipated a drop in attendance. Score!

Similar to the "early bird" at many restaurants, if you're willing to engage in an activity when others may not be, you stand to gain. Here's another great example. A very luxurious hotel in Napa with hotel rooms that run upwards of $800 a night was recently offering a package by which one could stay mid-week and, along with a room, enjoy two free drinks at the bar and a three-course meal for two people, all for only $299. That's less than half what someone would pay on a Friday or Saturday night and it includes dinner! But, the hotel was willing to throw this offer out as a means of drumming up business when the property is otherwise "dead."

Keep your eyes peeled for these types of money-saving opportunities. I'm sure I don't have to remind you that the first movie of the day is always cheaper, as are theater performances.

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