Key Gym Membership Perks: Tip-of-the-Day #176


I had no idea how many local retail discounts were available to me as a member of the JCC! I've been taking a water aerobics class several mornings a week and one of the women in the class mentioned that I could get a discount on water gloves (don't ask) at Sports Basement with my membership card. This prompted me to check the JCC website for other "member perks" and there was a laundry list! Even if you're not a member of a JCC, you may be surprised by the discounts your particular gym has to offer (but doesn't advertise). Here's the list at the JCCSF that I just uncovered! Let the buying begin!

Membership Discounts:

* 10% off home delivery from Beautifull!. Use the code 'JCCSF' when ordering on their website. Beautifull! provides tasty, healthy and convenient prepared food that is fresh, natural and whole. Meals are delivered to your home or office. Please visit for extensive menus, pricing and delivery options.

* 10% off at Nomadic Outfitters – 2426 California Street at Fillmore

* 10% off at Sports Basement at both San Francisco locations!

* 10% off at Honeys & Heroes - just a block away at 3366 Sacramento Street

* 10% off on weekdays at Pasta Pomodoro. 15% off on weekends. Offer good at Laurel Village location.

* 20% off at ASQEW Grill in Laurel Village.

* 20% off at Union B - A City Chic Boutique. Specializing in all-occasion fashion for women. 2127 Union Street. Please call 415.345.1476 for hours, shopping appointments and parties.

* 50% off subscription to J, the Jewish News Weekly of Northern California

* $1 off the general admission price at the Balboa Theater. Children and seniors are already discounted, so everyone saves! Visit for a current schedule.

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